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Apexus is Australia's largest manufacturer of automotive alternate fuel gauge products and sensors. Primarily in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas area, we design and manufacture equipment from control systems to resistive sensors. Our products are used by original equipment manufacturers like GM Holden, Ford, and Mazda while also being readily available throughout our distributor network.

The staff at Apexus are highly motivated and their skills cover a wide range of tasks in management, engineering, design, manufacture, accounting, sales and of course customer support.

Picture of Building Apexus is situated in Adelaide, South Australia

Contact Address :

Apexus Pty. Ltd.
38 Albert Street
Windsor Gardens
South Australia 5087

Telephone : +61 8 8266 6222
Facsimile : + 61 8 8266 6333


Apexus has a number of facilities available for engineering design

Electronic Circuits are designed and engineered to perform reliable and continuous operation for their intended use. Great attention to detail in this design phase and prototype testing has proven this. All circuits are designed and documented using our Computer Aided Design software, to ensure that the designs are understood and quality is maintained for future engineering work.

Picture of Monitor

Printed Circuit Boards are designed and optimised for specific needs:

  • Automatic Robotic Assembly

  • Single or Multi Layer Technology

  • Surface Mount or Through Hole Componentry

  • Integrated within Mechanical Constraints



Apexus products are manufactured with cost effective methods

Robotic assembly of Surface Mount and Through Hole technology, ensuring reliable and accurate placement of components. All circuit board assemblies are visually inspected for solderability and must comply with our quality assurance.

Each product is tested before dispatch and identified for batch control.


Picture of Robotic Loading

Picture of Inspection

Picture of Testing

We assemble and integrate electronic devices into mechanical and electrical systems. Therefore providing stand alone systems which are independent and reduce costs to final product.

Picture of PCB

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